Best Kennel in Richmond KY

best kennel in Richmond KY

If you are looking for the best kennel in Richmond KY, Advanced Animal Care Richmond has the facilities and expertise to give you peace of mind when you leave your pet.  As a pet owner, I am always worried when I leave my pet.  Having a kennel I can depend on makes a world of difference when I go out of town.  These are the reasons I trust Advanced Animal Care Richmond.

Trained Vet Techs

You know you have picked the best kennel in Richmond KY when you can rest assured your pet is being cared for by a vet tech who can recognize a problem right away. I worry when I am away from my pet that something will go wrong or that they won’t eat and get ill.  The chances are probably slim but having someone care for my pet that can recognize when they are in distress makes me feel better.  They also are able to administer medicine, should your pet need it. 

Secure Facility

Having a kennel with plenty of room and places made just for pets makes me feel better too.  I like knowing that my pet will not be in a place where there is a chance he could get lose and run away.  Knowing he is in a clean facility that is secure gives me peace of mind.

The Best Kennel In Richmond KY

I trust my pets to Advanced Animal Care Richmond when I am away because I don’t like to leave my pets alone and there are always people at the clinic, including a veterinarian.  Because it is an emergency veterinary clinic, my pet is never left alone where something could happen.  I also don’t have to worry about trusting my pet to the wrong caregiver who may not be as responsible as I’d hoped or who may not be as trustworthy as I thought. The staff at this Richmond KY kennel loves pets and cares about each one. They enjoy the unique differences each pet has and truly give my pet great care.  If you need a kennel in Richmond KY, call Advanced Animal Care and give them a try.  You’ll be glad you did.