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IMPORTANT If you are ill or otherwise unable to come in for your scheduled shift, find a qualified substitute FIRST, then contact your supervisor.  Exceptions would include admission in the hospital or death in the immediate family.  The staff roster is constantly updated with current staff, contact numbers and positions.  Write down substitutions on the printed schedule at your location and the person taking your shift should initial the change to avoid confusion.  If you wish to be off for a future date that you are normally scheduled for, talk to coworkers to get your shifts covered.

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Please clock in and out carefully!  Errors are time consuming and can cause mistakes in your paycheck.  You can always check your time clock history by clicking: "REPORTS" then "DETAILED TIME SHEET" in the DVM Manager Time Clock.  Just set the date range for your payroll period and compare it to your pay stub. 

You can view your paystubs by visiting  If you have forgotten your username or password, just email John and he will reset it for you.

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