Veterinary Services in Richmond Kentucky


          Digital Radiography (X-Ray)

Our high-definition digital radiography machine can accommodate your pet no matter how large or small and radiographs appear on our screen instantly. Advanced Animal Care's X-ray machine allows our staff to view and manipulate radiographs from any of our 12 high-resolution monitors. Want a second opinion? We can forward images to other doctors and hospitals in seconds.

Stem Cell Therapy

Advanced Animal Care is proud to be the first veterinary clinic in the area to offer stem cell therapy for your pet. This revolutionary new method of treatment uses healthy cells from your pet in order to relieve pain, increase motion in joints, and improve life-quality. The applications for stem cell therapy are numerous but some of the most common include: arthritis, joint pain, tendon and ligament damage, and hip dysplasia. 

Therapy Laser 

The same laser that traveled with the U.S. Olympic Basketball team and is used by MLB teams is now available for your pet! Therapy lasers can provide relief for a host of medical issues including arthritis, post-operative treatment, wound-care, etc. Our state-of-the-art laser may be the key to your pet's health. Click our laser on the left to learn more or follow the link to see our laser featured on "Good Morning America's Best Pet Products"

Laser Surgery

Advanced Animal Care has brought the surgical scalpel into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art laser! The innovation of laser technology allows our staff to perform necessary procedures while minimizing blood loss and trauma to your pet and decreasing recovery time! Almost any surgery we perform can be upgraded to a laser surgery at your discretion. Click here to read more about the benefits of our Aesculight laser.


Our hand-held cryogenic surgical probe allows us to perform a host of safe, non-invasive procedures for your pet. Unsightly warts and dangerous skin tumors are perfect candidates for cryogenic treatment. Our Cryo-Probe applications are nearly painless and can be performed without sedation or blood loss.

Sevoflurane Anesthesia

Anesthesia is one of the most important elements in small animal surgery. At Advanced Animal Care we have increased the safety and quality of our anesthetic with the use of Sevoflurane. This sweet smelling gas ensures that the animal's induction is pleasant. Furthermore, its chemical nature allows for highly precise administration which helps prevent overly "deep" sedation and promotes prompt wake-up and recovery times.

Advanced Surgical Procedures 

Our surgeons are capable of performing numerous
advanced surgeries, including: Tumor/Mass/Growth
 Removals, Exploratory Surgeries (Foreign Bodies, Tumors, Intestinal Hernias), Fracture Repairs (Plating, Pinning, External Fixators), Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL Repair, and Perineal Urethrostomy or PU. For more information about a specific procedure, or to schedule an appointment, please call in advance.

Full In-House Diagnostics Lab

Ideally, our pets would simply tell us where it hurts, but the next best thing is our complete Idexx Diagnostics suite. Our brand-new system contains the latest technological advancements in companion animal diagnostics. Instead of waiting days we can get the accurate answers in minutes, answers that help us to know exactly how to treat our beloved pets.


Blood Transfusions
Advanced Animal Care is the proud home of the Kentucky Animal Blood Bank. The blood bank staff is equipped to instantly provide blood to patients in need. The staff also works with canine and feline heroes (donors) who can save as many as 4 lives from a single donation!


Dental Care

Your Pet needs Dental Care just like you! Without periodic professional cleanings many animals will develop serious gum and dental complications. Once these problems have developed some pets may require irreversible, oral surgical procedure. It is our goal to ensure all of our clients can have a lifetime of dental health, for the good of the pet and the ease of care for its owner.

 Intensive Care

Heat, oxygen, and peace and quiet are some of the critical comforts provided by our multiple Intensive Care Units. These warm, oxygen infused environments also feature a nebulizer that can conveniently distribute medication to your pet while it recovers under the close observation of our caring round-the-clock staff. 



One out of every three pets will get lost. Without identification, 90% won't return home. For this reason, we strongly encourage having your pets injected with a microchip. Smaller than a grain of rice, this painless procedure ensures that your pet can be traced back to its home long after it has lost its collar and its way. Read this article about a microchipped cat reunited with it's family after being 5 years and 1,600 miles apart!

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  Sometimes our pets eat things we wish they hadn't, and sometimes these things cannot be safely passed. Our endoscope allows us to view and remove unwelcome objects in a way that is much less invasive than surgery. Additionally, we can use this device to directly pump fluids in or out of the stomach depending on the needs of the patient.


Good pet owners should make every effort to set money aside for potential emergencies with their pet. Even if this lesson is learned too late, we want to help. That's why we have chosen to accept CareCredit, a trusted credit service through GE Financial Services (that's right, the same people that made your dishwasher!). We can help you apply for this low interest service on-site so that you can put your pet's health back in your hands, even in emergencies. Click the picture to learn more. 



With over 40 kennels including 3 Extra Large Kennel Runs, we welcome your pet for a brief or extended stay. Take comfort in knowing that your pet will be safe from other animals and environmental hazards as well as being under the same roof as a certified veterinarian. Is your beloved pet a high-maintenance loved one? We are ready and able to administer whatever medications or injections they may need.