Wild Bear Stories

Amazing animal stories are a source of fun entertainment for people of all ages.  Most pet owners have a few stories of their own, because animals are so interesting.  Pets especially steal our hearts and make us smile.  Visiting Florida these past years has given me a whole new prospective to animal stories and Florida.  Now when I think of Florida, I don’t just think of beaches and fun in the sun, I think of bears!

My First Bear Encounter

My family was staying on the edge of a small town in Florida.  We often fed our scraps to the birds, raccoons and opossums in our backyard.  Once we were leaving to go to the fair and I sat out some leftover biscuits.  As we walked back into the yard that night, we noticed a large black form run up the tree.  The part that amazes me is that it had to pass us to get to the tree.  It didn’t take long for us to realize it was a bear.  We were amazed! There was only a small woods beside our house and we never thought a bear would end up in our neighborhood. We called the police who told us to go inside and lock the doors.  Being an animal lover and because I had watched repeated episodes of Yogi the Bear when I was younger, we proceeded to feed our new friend bologna sandwiches.  That probably was illegal or something but this was our first bear encounter and we were delighted.  We watched the bear a few nights before it disappeared and we never saw him again.  

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Bears on Our Property

As you can see from this picture, bears like to investigate everything.  Probably looking for food.  Luckily Rabbit wasn’t on their diet that day.  We spent several months living in a small town where we lived in the woods.  Occasionally bears would come on our property.  The funny thing about bears we noticed, is that the more we gawked at them and watched them; the more likely they were to sit down in the grass and stare at us.  Because we learned feeding wild animals isn't safe for you or your pets, we quit feeding the bears after our first encounter.  

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Feeding the Bears

Here is a picture we took at a friend’s house.  This bear is actually eating birdseed from this pedestal.  Bears in Florida can become a nuisance if they are fed or find something to eat near your house.  They will turn over trashcans or carry trash bags off into the woods when they are hungry.  Naturally they are on the prowl on garbage night.  They love to get into bird feeders and dog food that is left out.  They have even been known to break into patios and kitchen doors to get at food.  If they are really hungry, they will eat chickens and other pets.  This is why it is best never to feed a bear.

One Last Animal Story

My daughter who now lives in Florida had her window knocked out of her car.  Not being really a neat freak, she would leave fast food bags in the back seat.  As you can probably guess, it didn’t take long for a small bear to decide her car was a great place to grab a snack.  One night they woke up to the horn going off and caught the bear in action.  She soon got her window fixed only to find a week later the bear had busted it out to get some French fries.

Luckily, none of my stories involve any real tragedies, all though I know wild animals like bears, coyote, and foxes can attack dogs or other pets ending up in an emergency veterinary clinic visit.  There are many stories of bears in Florida attacking pets too.  In Richmond Kentucky, we are lucky to have an emergency veterinary clinic nearby.  If you ever need a veterinarian, Advanced Animal Care is able to help you any time of the day or night.