When To Take Your Cat to the Veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky

veterinarian in Richmond KentuckyWhen should you take your cat to your veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky?  As the owner of a cat or multiple cats, you want them to be as healthy as possible. Whenever your cat is sick and she needs to go to the vet, you should not waste any time getting her there. Below you will learn what to look for when your cat needs to see a Richmond Kentucky veterinarian.


It is apparent that if your cat has sustained an injury and is bleeding or has a broken bone, then she needs to get to the vet as quickly as possible. Keep an emergency vet number handy in case the injury occurs when the vet office is closed.


If your normally playful cat is sleeping more than usual and he does not seem to have any interest in playing, this is a sign that he does not feel good. If your cat is acting odd, sleeps more than usual or is just not himself, do not hesitate to get him to the vet.


If you have noticed that your cat has not been eating, there is a reason for this. It may be as simple as a hairball problem and once he throws up his hairball, he will be fine. However, a trip to your veterinarin in Richmond Kentucky is a good idea anyway and if it is a hairball, your vet can give your cat some medicine. Loss of appetite is one of the sure fire ways to determine that your cat is not feeling well.


When cleaning out the litter box, take note of his stools. If you notice diarrhea or blood in his stool, you should take your cat to the vet. A cat may have a loose stool once in awhile, which is not cause for concern, but if he has diarrhea for several days, then you need to find out why as this could get serious quickly.  

Loss Of Hair

Cats groom themselves every day and if your cat refuses to groom himself, he is not feeling well and there is an underlying problem. If you notice that your cat excessively grooms himself or he has patches of hair loss, he may have a skin irritant that needs attention. 

Throwing Up

Cats often hack up hairballs, which is just part of being a cat. If your cat is vomiting more than normal or the vomit is bloody, take him to the vet quickly.

Breathing Problems, See your Veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky!

If your cat seems to have trouble breathing, has an excessive cough or a runny nose and eyes, he may have an upper respiratory condition. This type of illness can be fatal for your cat so a vet visit is mandatory. At the first sign up a problem, isolate your cat from the other cats in your house to keep them from transmitting disease.  Your Veterinarian in Richmond Kentucky can tell you how to protect all your cats.
Watch your cat closely for these signs and other abnormal behaviors. If your cat has one or more of these symptoms, he needs to see a Veterinarian at Advanced Animal Care Richmond as quickly as possible.