When Pet Products are Recalled

 when pet products are recalled

Recalled pet food is a common occurrence in the United States.   Plants that produce pet food must run test on the products before they ship them, but sometimes, shipments of contaminated pet food or pet products are shipped and purchased by pet owners.   Bacteria, mold and other contaminates can make your pet products unsafe.

What To Do When Pet Products Are Recalled

Stop feeding your pet the recalled pet food immediately.  If it was a recalled pet products like Kong products, you should remove the product.  Look for signs that your pet may not be feeling well.  If you have concerns or you know they have come in contact with tainted food, you should call your veterinarian in Richmond and have your pet examined.

Symptoms of Food Born Illness

You or your pet can become sick from certain bacteria that are in your pet food.  Salmonella is a common bacterium that accounts for over 60 recalls a year.  It is not the only bacteria or contaminate that can affect your pet’s food though.  If you notice you or your pet having diarrhea, nausea or vomiting you should seek medical care for you or your pet.  Most of the time, in humans you will be sick a few days.  A more serious illness will occur in infants, older people and anyone with a compromised immune system so you need to be careful. 

Report the Problem

If you suspect your pet or a member of your family became sick because of contaminated pet food, you should contact the FDA and File a report in Kentucky at:

 Toll-free in KY only: 
513- 679-2700


Preventing Illness

Follow healthy practices like these outlined on the Humane Society’s Pet Food Safety page. When you handle pet food, handle it just like you would people food.  Make sure the dishes you use and the area where you prepare the food is kept clean.  Be sure and wash your hands after handling pet food.  Don’t buy dented pet food cans or torn packages of pet food.  Become aware of any recalled food by joining an online resource to notify you when a pet product is recalled.

If you have any questions about recalled pet products or you need advice from a veterinarian, call Advanced Animal Care Richmond.