Questions to Ask Your Richmond Vet Clinic

Your Richmond Vet Clinic has staff and doctors ready to answer any questions you might have.  Serving you and helping you take the best care of your beloved pet is our top priority.  Below are a few questions you might want to ask us when you’re choosing a veterinarian.

Questions to Ask a Potential Vet Clinic

One of the first questions you need to ask is if the clinic offers after hours.  This is especially important for emergency care.  At Advanced Animal Care, we are a full service animal hospital that offers emergency care 24/7.  This means you can bring your pet to us in an emergency and be confident he or she is getting the same care and concern your regular vet would offer.  We have people on site all the time so your pet is never left alone in the kennel.

Another question to ask is what kind of skills the doctor and technicians have.  At Advanced Animal Care our doctors graduated top in their class.  They have had a lot of practice and training in animal care along with extended training in particular areas.  We will be happy to discuss with you any concerns you have regarding your pet and any special treatment they need.

Ask if they have access to a lab.  At Advanced Animal Care our lab is on premises for most things.  Lab work is important in making and keeping your pet healthy.  Pets aren’t able to communicate what’s wrong with them.  Sometimes the only way to tell that they're sick is through routine lab work.  Not all illness shows up right away.  It is always better to be proactive in your pets care and prevent problems.

One of the best things you can do when looking for a vet is set up a time to meet the veterinarian and see the facility.  This is a good time to ask questions and see how your pet responds to the doctor and staff. 

Payment can also be a concern.  We ask that you be responsible for payment as the services are rendered.  For your benefit we offer a payment plan through Care Credit.

Questions to Ask During an Exam

If possible, especially if you’re pet is a new patient, bring all the records of past treatment with you or if possible have them transferred beforehand.  This helps a lot.   You might have questions about continuing any care that was started previously and your doctor will be happy to answer those questions.

You will also want to ask about your pets overall health.  Be able to share with your vet how much you feed your dog.  It helps to use a cup measure instead of just guessing or saying a handful.  Also ask about what type food and how much your vet recommends.

If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, be sure and ask.  Some behaviors can be avoided if they are handled correctly.  Be sure and ask any questions you have about your pet and any changes in his behavior or routine.  No question or concern you have is too small to discuss.  When you leave your exam, you should feel confident that you are able to care for your pet and that you were able to have all your questions answered.  So, please call Advanced Animal Care today and see how we can provide the best veterinary experience for your family.