Poisonous Plants For Dogs

Keeping your dog safe from poisonous plants can prevent many health problems and trips to the emergency veterinary hospital.  Here is a list of plants that can be dangerous if swallowed or chewed on. You should make sure your dog avoids these plants in particular.


These plants and flowers are toxic for a variety of reasons.  You should avoid planting these poisonous plants for dogs near your home.  Also don’t bring the plants or clippings into your house.


The following are bushes or woody plants that can also be poisonous.  You should avoid planting these in your yard as well.


Problems With Poisonous Plants For Dogs


We hope that this list will help you avoid some of the problem plants that can cause your dog harm.  If you notice your dog acting different or showing signs of poisoning like fainting, panting, seizures, licking, lethargy, vomiting, black stools or diarrhea you should consult your veterinary clinic, Advanced Animal Care Richmond for advice or an exam.