Pets for the Elderly

pets for the elderly When you consider which pets make the best pets for the Elderly, you have to decide who you are wanting a pet for.  Some elderly people are more fit then an average teenager.  So in this blog, we will consider different pets and how to choose the perfect pet for someone who is aging.

Asking Tough Questions

Some people have grown up with a pet their entire lives.  Part of getting older is accepting you may not be able to do things you used to be able to do.  So before you purchase a pet, you need to make sure you can provide it with the proper care.   If you like dogs, will you be able to take your dog outside?  If it is a puppy, can you meet the demands a puppy creates; like housebreaking and exercise? Some people assume that cats are less demanding but they still require attention, feeding and care.

Will you be traveling a lot?  Do you anticipate spending time in the hospital or recuperating?  Do you have help with your pet if something comes up like sickness or unplanned travel?  Can you afford vet bills and kennel costs?  These are common questions you need to think about before you agree to get a pet, but they are really important when considering pets for the elderly.

Choosing A Dog

Dog’s are great company.  Having a dog that is the right size, can be a great pet for the elderly.  Many people who are older enjoy having a pet dog to baby, cuddle and talk to.  There are also many dogs who need homes and the match is perfect.  The important thing to remember is how active a dog you can handle and if you want to take your dog outside.  Some people keep smaller dogs inside and let them use a pad to “get busy” on.  Other people enjoy getting out and exercising with their dogs by taking walks.  Dog parks are also a great place to get out and meet people who have a common interest.

Choosing A Cat

Some people are cat people.  They don’t like having a dog underfoot and they like how cats lay curled up and purr when you pet them.  Choosing the right cat is important.  Some cats are tamer than others and some cats are more affectionate than others.  Before you get a cat you should make sure you like having a cat rub up against you.  You also need to be ready to discipline a cat if it climbs on things you don’t want it to.  Most cats will learn to use the litter box and do quite well.

Other Pets for the Elderly

My mom is 82.  She has tried dogs, cats and birds in the past.  Now that she lives alone and is pretty sedentary the thought of a puppy or kitten running around wears her out.  She used to love dogs but having to get up early to let the dog out doesn’t appeal to her either.  This past month we brought her a small rabbit.  It fits in the palm of both hands and won’t get much bigger.  This is great because she needs a pet that doesn’t weigh much.  She loves this rabbit.  It stands up in the cage and looks around for her.  It comes out at night, sits on her lap and then plays on the couch and comes back to her.  The best thing is too, she has a pet that she can talk to and take care of.  She cleans its cage first thing every morning so there’s no smell and it seems to be one of the perfect pets for the elderly.

If you have any questions about pets for the elderly or choosing a pet, call Advanced Animal Care in Richmond and they will be happy to help you.