Pet Neutering In Richmond

pet neutering in Richmond

Pet neutering in Richmond usually costs less than raising a dog or kitten for one year.  There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your pet.   Probably the most important issue is the number of unwanted pets there are in the US today.  It is estimated that of the 3.9 million dogs that enter shelters each year, 1.2 million will be euthanized, 1 million will be returned to their owners and 1.36 will be adopted. Leaving .31 million in shelters with no forever family.  Of the 3.4 million cats who enter shelters each year, 1.4 million will be euthanized, 1.25 will be adopted and only .17 million will be returned.   This leaves 500,000 cats to live in shelters with no forever home.  Those statistics are alarming. 

Besides keeping the animal population down, there are other benefits for spaying and neutering.

The Benefits of Spaying

Spaying your female dog or cat will cause her to no longer have heat cycles.  This can be a plus to you and her, not to mention all the boy dogs and cats that will be attracted to her.  She will also have a lesser risk or mammary gland tumors and uterine cancer will be reduced or eliminated especially if she is spayed before her first heat.  She will live a longer and healthier life if she is spayed.

The Benefits Of Neutering

Males will be better pets if they are neutered.  They will be less likely to spray urine and mark their territories.   They will be less aggressive and less likely to bite.  They will have less of a desire to roam.  This will reduce the chance that they get injured or catch diseases if they fight and they will have less of a chance of getting hit by a car. It is estimated that 85% of the dogs hit by cars are unaltered. Their risk for testicular cancer is eliminated and the risk for prostrate disease decreases if your dog or cat is neutered.

Objections To Neutering

Some people worry that their pets will gain weight after neutering.  You can easily avoid this problem with proper nutrition and exercise.  Others worry their dogs may not make good watchdogs after neutering.  This also is normally not a problem. Still others worry if pet neutering is safe.  If you have worries or concerns about pet neutering your veterinarian can help you with the facts.

Pet Neutering in Richmond

Pet neutering or de-sexing your pet is a great idea if you don’t plan on breeding your pet.  Your veterinarian will be happy to discuss with you spaying or neutering your pet during your wellness exam.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, or you need to neuter your pet, please call your veterinary office at Advanced Animal Care Richmond.