Pet Emergencies in Richmond KY

pet emergencies in Richmond KYPet emergencies in Richmond KY happen every day.  Having a veterinarian who handles emergency calls after hours can save your pet’s life.  Do you know where to go if your pet is having an emergency? Although pet owners hope to never have a pet emergency, it can be life-saving to have information handy on where to bring your pet during a crisis.

Your veterinary clinic in Richmond KY, Advanced Animal Care Richmond is available 24/7 with qualified veterinarians to help with any emergency or complication.

Keep Contact Information Handy

It is important to keep contact information available for pet emergencies in Richmond KY.  If you are affiliated with Advanced Animal Care in Berea, you can rest assured your entire pet’s medical information is available at our Richmond facility.  Not every emergency requires your pet’s records, but some do.   When your pet is having trouble, knowing his records are available will make you feel more at ease.

 If you don’t live in the Richmond area, knowing where the Richmond Veterinary Clinic is and how to get there can help you save your pet’s life.  We don’t always think about these things before an emergency occurs but planning ahead is a great idea.

Advanced Animal Care Richmond Can Help

If your pet needs emergency medical assistance, Advanced Animal Care in Richmond can help.  They offer advanced surgical procedures and special assistance in an emergency.  Last year my family was enjoying catching fish on the river bank.  We used all kinds of bait, including bacon.  One afternoon we found our cat had eaten some bacon on the hook that one of kids left out.  It was a sad day for stewy.  We tried everything we could to remove the hook but he was mad and we simply couldn’t help him.  Luckily for us, our veterinary clinic in Richmond was open and they were able to remove the hook.  I am thankful to have a vet who handles emergencies in Richmond KY.  For all Pet emergencies in Richmond, contact Advanced Animal Care right away.