Paying For Emergency Veterinary Services

emergency veterinary servicesMany people put off taking their pet in for emergency veterinary services because they are afraid it will be too expensive.  It’s true, medical bills can be high not only for your 2 legged family members but also for the furry part of your family.  Emergency veterinarians in Richmond KY know that most people don’t plan ahead for emergency veterinary services.  Putting off taking your pet to the vet can result in more costly procedures as your pet gets worse. 

It is best to go ahead and schedule an emergency exam when you first start noticing symptoms.  This will be safer for your pet.  Pets often don’t show symptoms until they are fairly sick anyway and waiting usually makes matters worse.   Advanced Animal Care is open late on most days and offers 24/7 emergency care for your convenience.

If you can plan for your pet’s medical bills or emergencies ahead of time you will be better off.  Here are some suggestions to help with your emergency veterinary services.

Start A Pet Savings

You can put money into a special savings account for your pet.  Saving a small amount each month can add up over time.  If you don’t ever need the money, that is all the better.  You should talk with your Richmond KY veterinarian when you first get your pet or before you choose your pet to see if there are problems that usually occur with your pet’s breed.  This can give you an idea if you might need special emergency veterinary services or surgeries that might cost more than you planned. 

Purchase Pet Insurance

Some people purchase pet insurance for their pet instead of saving the money themselves.  Pet insurance works similar to health insurance for people.  There usually is a deductible and you will find most people use it for emergencies or unplanned medical expenses that occur at an emergency veterinary clinic.

Care Credit

You may be familiar with Care Credit.  Care Credit is a trade name for a credit line offered by GE Capital.  It allows doctors and medical facilities to offer a payment plan to their clients.  You may have seen this at doctors, dentists and other places.  Your Veterinarian in Richmond KY partners with Care Credit to allow you to pay for unplanned expenses.  The best part about care credit is that you often get an interest free payment option which will save you money if you don’t default.

Your Emergency Veterinary Clinic Is Here To Help

We care about our clients and want to provide you with the latest in medical care and technology.  We know how hard it is when your pet doesn’t feel well or is involved in an accident.  Thanks for letting us be your emergency veterinarian and allowing us the privilege of caring for this special part of your family.  If we can help you during an emergency, contact Advanced Animal Care.