microchips for pets

microchipEach day over 20 pets are lost and found using a microchip. Having a microchip in your pet may be the only way your pet returns to you if they are lost or stolen.

Who Needs a Microchip?

All pets that could potentially get lost need to have a microchip. They work well on dogs, cats, horses, parrots as well as other animals.  In some countries they are mandatory on some animals. They are also may be required if you travel with your pet out of the country.

Even if you have a dog or cat tag and collar with your contact information, it is not enough.  Collars can come off and with an internal microchip you don’t have to worry.

How Do Microchips Work

A microchip is a small device, about the size of a grain of rice that is placed under the skin of your pet.  It doesn’t hurt when they are inserted.  They may feel a small pinch like a vaccination.  Your Veterinarian will place it in the exact spot it needs to be in so that it can be located if your pet ever gets lost.  The microchip lays dormant in the skin until a scanner activates it.  The scanner will read the frequency of your device and give the number that is uniquely given to your pet. This number can be looked up in the microchip directory where your contact information is stored. 

The microchip is not a tracking device or GPS.  It also doesn’t have any contact information on it.  You will have to keep your contact information up to date on the microchip registry for it to locate you.

Which Microchip Frequency is Best?

There are a number of frequencies in use.  The AVMA suggests using 134.2 KHz, as it is the standard frequency in use today.  Most scanners in the US use universal scanners that will work on all frequencies but if you travel out of country you may run into problems or have to bring your own scanner if you have a different frequency.

Pets Benefit With Microchip Technology

Most veterinarians, clinics and other animal agencies have access to the microchip online registry.  This means if your pet is lost or stolen, a simple scan can help find your pet.

Besides reuniting you with your pet, some microchip agencies offer added benefits such as hot lines in case of emergency and travel arrangements if your pet gets lost long distance.  Alerts are also broadcast to participating agencies if there are pets missing.

The best pet owners sometimes lose their pets.  Even if your pet always stays by your side, it is best to protect you and your pet by providing them with a microchip.  For a small price you can have peace of mind that if your pet were to get separated you could find them.

If you have any questions about our microchip procedures please call Advanced Animal Care and we will be happy to help.