Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

We recently asked our facebook fans how to keep your pets warm this winter.  We got a lot of wonderful comments from our clients.  Here is an overview of the post from your veterinary clinic in Richmond.

Feral Cats

Feral cats linger around barns, in alleys and just about everywhere.  You can help the feral cats stay warm by providing shelter made from storage totes and hay suggests one of our clients.  Be sure and remember to put out food and water too.  This is a great idea for helping feral cats.  Remember to spay and neuter your cats too to keep populations down and prevent unwanted cats.

Outside Dogs and Farm Animals

Another friend wrote, if you must keep your dog outside provide an insulated doghouse, warm bedding, a heated mat and heated water dish.  Adequate nourishment will sustain energy that helps conserve body heat.  Farm animals and horses need shelter and care that will keep them warm in the winter too.   Make sure if you have a pet or farm animal that you learn ways to care for your animal during winter and extremely cold weather.

Treat Your Pet Like You Would Your Children

Another friend wrote that we should bring our pets inside when we can and keep them out of bad weather.  Treat your pet like your child they wrote.  They are dependent on you for all their care.  Give them the best care possible and they will reward you 10 fold.  This is a picture of some of the patients from the Waco clinic.  Their advice, give them a warm bed!

Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

There are many ways to keep your pet warm this winter.  Snow boots, sweaters and winter coats might help as well as warm shelter.  Make sure your pet gets exercise and the right amount of food.  Every pet needs attention during the winter months to remain healthy and happy.  Hope you and your furry friends stay warm and cozy during the cold!