How To Stop Your Dogs Eyes From Watering

how to stop your dogs eyes from watering

Excessive tearing in dogs is called Epiphora.  Some people treat this as a cosmetic problem and purchase all kinds of products to remove the tear stains and ignore the underlying condition.  This isn’t the best way to get rid of the problem though.  Excessive tears are the result of a health condition that should be addressed first.  Here are some ideas about what may be causing your dog’s eyes to water and how to stop your dog’s eyes from watering.

Causes of Excessive Tears in Dogs

Your dog’s eye’s watering is similar to a child’s runny nose.  It is a natural way for your dog to eliminate toxins.  If could be caused by allergies, poor diet, genetic predisposition, physical malfunction or symptom of disease.  Your dog may have excessive tearing or a problem with how the tears drain.  Remember, excessive tears in dogs are an automatic response to dust, infection, hair in the eyes, poor health or a poor diet. Another common cause is dry eyes and not tearing enough.  Before you invest hundreds of dollars making your dog look pretty, you should make sure there is no underlying condition.

Sudden Adult Onset of Tears

You need to do a little investigating if your dog suddenly develops a problem with excessive tearing.  Have you switched foods?  Try switching back and then make the changes more gradually or discontinue the new food.  Fresh food may be the answer too.  Have you moved, added new furniture, new carpet or a new pet?  If you can’t think of anything that has changed in the environment, you should consult your veterinarian.  If you notice excessive pawing, squinting or pain your vet can help.  Yellow or green discharge is almost always an infection.

Puppy Tears

Puppies tear as they grow and this often stops when they reach a certain age.  They also tear when they’re teething so this is normal. 

Genetic Disposition

Some puppies have a normal disposition to tearing.  Flat faced dogs like shitzus are a good example.  They have a genetic formation of the face that causes tears. 

How to Stop Your Dogs Eyes From Watering

If your dog has problems with the tear duct, they may need the eyes flushed.  This requires anesthesia.  They also may have hairs that are irritating the eyes and tear ducts and this may require removal of the hairs.  Your veterinarian can help you diagnose the problem and give you ideas on how to correct the problem if possible. A simple test in the veterinarian office can tell the doctor if your dog is tearing enough.  If you have questions or need an appointment, call your veterinarian in Richmond and they will be happy to help you.