Grieving the Loss of Your Pet

Losing Your PetLosing your pet is one of the hardest things a pet owner can go through.  Most pet owners remember each pet they have had and the special things they enjoy about each of their pets.  We all wish too, that are pets would live as long as we do.

Losing Your Pet Unexpectedly

One of the hardest ways to lose your pet is when you least expect it.  Some pets wonder off and leave their owners wondering what happened or where they went.  I can remember losing a dachshund this way when I was younger.  I always wondered where he was and looked for him to show up one day.  He never did.

Other pets are lost in accidents.  This is hard too because it comes as a shock.  It leaves you wishing you had done something different.  Finding your pet after an accident is hard too because you never forget the scene or what your pet looked like where you found them.

Some pets will become suddenly ill and cannot be saved.  This is another shock and can leave you wondering what went wrong or what you could have done to prevent it.  Maybe you will regret not noticing a problem.  Even a trained veterinarian or technician can miss the signs of an ailing pet.

Many pets die while their owners are on vacation.  Loosing a pet while your away will make you second guess leaving and who was taking care of them.  Having regrets and guilt are part of losing someone you love. 

Putting Your Pet To Sleep

Deciding to put your pet to sleep is often a loving decision but it is very difficult to go through. This can be a very tough decision that you will agonize over for weeks.  Others will make this decision with more ease as they logically consider the pain and suffering their pet is experiencing.  There is no right or wrong way to go through euthanizing a pet.  Some people will want to stay with their pet and other people will want to get as far away from the animal hospital as possible.  That is ok.

Dealing With The Loss Of Your Pet

Pet lovers of all ages will have to deal with the loss of their pet at one time or another.  If you have had a lot of pets in your life, you know this happens naturally as a part of life.  Some pet owners will grieve more for one pet than another.  Other pet owners will grieve over each pet they have with intensity.  If you have only had one or two pets in your life, losing one of them will probably be much harder.  There really is no wrong or right way to lose a pet.  You should never feel guilty because you grieve differently than someone else.

It is normal for you to feel what you are going through even if no one else seems to understand.  Some of the most dedicated pet owners are able to move on and adopt another pet right away with little problems.  Other pet owners go through tremendous emotions and loss after their pets die.  Finding someone to talk to and help you through your loss is a big help when you find yourself grieving for too long.

You can never be prepared for losing a pet.  Even when you are expecting it, feelings are beyond your control when you lose someone you love.  If you find yourself experiencing guilt over your pet and what your pet went through, this is normal.  Talking about how you feel or journaling your feelings may give you better understanding and help you get beyond the grief.

If you have any questions about your pet and his or her health please call Advanced Animal Care today. We will be glad to help.