Feeding Your Cat a Natural Diet

catPaying attention to your cat and his or her diet will pay big dividends over their lifetime and very possibly help them avoid serious, painful, life threatening or costly illnesses.  Natural cat food is designed to resemble a cat’s natural diet.    You may think your cat is doing fine on a cheap diet, but cat illnesses usually don’t show up until they are advanced.  By the time you notice something is wrong, it is too late.

What Cats Need in Their Diet

Cats are strict carnivores in the wild.  They get all of their protein from animal-based protein (meat and organs) instead of vegetable based protein like (grains/vegetables).  Many cat foods on the market are high in grains, peas and fillers that are cheaper than all meat.  Many commercial cat foods are high in carbohydrates that drive the blood sugar/insulin levels predisposing a cat to diabetes.

Cats also need water in their diet.  In the wild the meat they eat contains 70-75% water as compared to dry food that has only 5-10% water.  Canned foods are better, but still may not offer as much water, as your cat needs.

Cats need enzyme rich foods, calcium and taurine.  These are available in their food or can be supplemented with bone meal or a taurine powder.

Raw Food Diets

Cats have acidic stomachs and in the wild cats can eat day old carcasses with no trouble.  Processed meat, on the other hand, contains bacteria that are harmful to cats.  Fresh meat should be offered warm and removed after 30 minutes.   Raw meat can be warmed under warm water to avoid losing nutrients in the warming process.

Cats can be offered 1/3-cup raw milk, cod liver oil and 2/3-raw meat.  Another good ratio is 10% edible bones (like chicken neck or back bones crushed) 80% muscle meat and 10% organ meat.  Adding supplements to this will ensure the proper enzymes; calcium and taurine are included in their diet.  Your veterinarian in Richmond, will be able to help you determine the correct feeding regimen needed for an all natural home made raw diet.

Many people don’t have time to make raw cat food.  Commercial food both dry and canned can be the answer.  Choose a natural, raw meat blend that is as near to 100% meat as possible.  Make sure bone meal and organ meat is listed on the ingredients.  Checking labels will ensure your cat gets the right diet and stays healthy.

If you have any questions about your cats nutrition or the diet your cat is on please call Advanced Animal Care Richmond at  (859)625-5678 and we will be happy to help you.  Or stop by Advanced Animal Care in Richmond or Berea.