FAQ at Your Veterinarian in Richmond

At Advanced Animal Care Richmond, we have some common questions that our patients ask.  Here are three of the most frequently asked questions along with our answers.

Does the Veterinarian In Richmond Give Advice on OTC Medications Over the Phone?

Many pet owners would like to treat their pet with over the counter people medications.  We are unable to give that advice over the phone without establishing a patient/doctor relationship.  We would never want to put your pet at risk or danger by prescribing a medication unless we were sure of your pet’s safety.  OTC medications aren’t always mixed the same and therefore may not be safe for each pet.  If you feel your pet is sick or in pain, bring them in, and get medical attention first.

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Pet?

Pets should be spayed or neutered around 4 to 6 months of age.  Spaying females will eliminate some of the risk of uterine infections and mammary cancer.  For males the risk of testicular cancer is limited.  Some behavioral issues like roaming, aggression and marking or spraying may also be eliminated.  Besides dogs and cats, small animals can also be neutered which makes them better pets overall.  If you are not going to breed your pet, it is best to have them spayed or neutered. 

Some statistics suggest that for every dog or cat that has a good home, there are 10 others who have no home at all.  Unplanned pregnancies and breeding can add to this problem.  Domestic animals left to fend for themselves in the wild is a problem for animals and people alike.  Spaying and Neutering pets cuts back on this problem.

Should I See the Same Doctor Each Visit?

Yes, you should see the same doctor as much as possible.  This allows you and your pet to become familiar with the doctor and establish a relationship with him or her.  They in turn will be familiar with your pet and his history.  Occasionally you will need to see one of the other veterinarians and that won’t matter and is part of normal practice.  Each veterinarian is highly qualified in veterinarian medicine to treat your pet and provide you with the best care and veterinary practices.

These commonly asked questions are just a few of the ones we hear every day.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask a question.  We are your pet’s health care provider and we want to help you take the best care of your pet possible.  If we don’t have the answer, we will direct you to the place you can find it. 

Please call Advanced Animal Care Richmond or Berea for all your pet’s medical needs.