Fall Pet Safety Tips

  fall pet safety tips


The weather outside will begin to cool down as the end of summer is near.  Now is a good time to review fall pet safety tips.  Here are a few of the common concerns for your pet this time of year.

Food and Water

Dogs that are outside need additional food to keep up the demands cooler weather places on them as they try to generate heat.  Dogs also need to keep drinking water when they exercise or you take them on walks.  They can still get dehydrated in cool weather.

Rat and Mice Poisons

Rodents are busy this time of year preparing for the upcoming winter season.  As the temperatures begin to drop they will be seeking shelter inside.  This usually prompts people to use more poisons to control the rodents.  These are especially toxic to dogs and other animals.  Traps are a better choice if you have pets.

School Supplies

Although most school supplies like glue, crayons, markers and erasers are not toxic, they do pose a new threat as your dog may ingest too much at one time and cause stomach problems.  Be sure and keep small objects and school supplies in particular up and away from your pet.

Wild Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are more prevalent during this time of year.  Although almost 99% of all mushrooms are safe, you need to protect your dog by keeping them away from all mushrooms.  If you notice them eating them, call your veterinarian or poison control at once.

Anti-Freeze is Toxic

Fall is the time of year most people check their anti-freeze.  Coolant is toxic to your pets so be sure and clean up any spills and don’t leave old anti-freeze lying around. Choose coolant made from propylene glycol-based products that are less toxic than the brands made from Ethylene glycol-based coolant.

Fall Pet Safety Tips

With fall around the corner, you may be tempted to ignore some of the summer safety tips like leaving your dog in a parked car in hot weather.  Temperatures can still climb in the afternoon so be careful and don’t take chances with your beloved pet.  If you have any questions about pet safety in fall, call your veterinarian at Advanced Animal Care today.