Dismissing Common Pet Myths

common pet myths

There are many pet myths that have been passed around from family to family.  Learning the truth about pet myths can help you better care for your pet.  Here are a few pet myths your veterinarian comes across.

Feeding a pet a homemade diet will kill your pet

If you feed a poor diet to your pet or allow raw food to be contaminated with deadly bacteria, then yes, a homemade diet will harm your pet.  Many pets however can benefit from a homemade diet.  Your veterinarian will advise you on diet and if a homemade diet may be necessary.  Having a properly balanced diet made with food that is handled properly can be more nutritious than processed food and may help with some allergies.

Frequent Baths Will Dry Out Your Pets Skin

Unless you are using harsh shampoos or products that aren’t pet specific, baths are actually good for your pet’s skin.  If your pet has a skin problem, your veterinarian will advise you on the proper treatment and if baths are ok and how often.

Older Pets Can't Handle Anesthesia

This is not true.  The health of your pet is more a determining factor of how they will handle anesthesia than the age of your pet.  As long as the pet is healthy, the appropriate anesthetic is used, and the pet is monitored during the procedure, they should do just fine.   Older pets tend to have more complications that require anesthesia than younger pets so this is good news for your older pet.

Pets Don’t Need Dental Checkups

Dental disease is the most common infectious disease in dogs and cats, and must be treated aggressively as you would with any infection. Pets with dental disease are more likely to develop heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems, and diabetes.   Your veterinarian will do a thorough evaluation of your pet’s mouth

Some pets require regular dental treatments and some breeds need this more than others.  Your veterinarian will advise you on what your pet needs to stay healthy and if regular brushing is important.

Dismiss Common Pet Myths

Your pet is a valuable member of your family.  Caring for them and providing them with the best care will ensure they live long happy lives.  You can ignore the pet myths listed here and talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure about anything else you may have concerns about.  Every question is important to your veterinarian.  Before your exam it is often helpful to make a list of questions to ask so that you don’t forget.