Common Dog Illnesses

Dog illnesses are hard on your pet and can be just as distressing to you as the illness of your child. Many common dog illnesses are similar to human illnesses. Here are the most common dog illnesses as well as their symptoms and treatment.


Yes, dogs do get diarrhea too. Loose bowels is the main symptom of dog diarrhea. Other symptoms include a chocolate brown and pungent stool. In the early stages, you can treat dog diarrhea by placing your dog on a rice-water fast for twenty four hours. This fast will help the dog rid its system of whatever caused the diarrhea. If the symptoms persist, there may be an underlying problem. A vet exam can rule out parasites or other dog illnesses.

Gastroenteritis and Dog Illnesses

If your dog is afflicted with Gastroenteritis, he will exhibit symptoms such as diarrhea and acute vomiting.Your dog will be less active and have a decreased appetite. You can treat your dog's gastroenteritis by re-hydrating him with blood electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate.  There are many reasons why these symptoms can occur.  It is best to schedule an exam if your not sure what is wrong.

Bladder infection

You can tell if your dog has a bladder infection if he experiences difficulty urinating, blood in the urine or if he's dribbling urine in the house. Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for bladder infection in dogs. Your vet will treat the infection with a course of antibiotics, or urinary acidifiers.

Ear infections

Excessive scratching of the ears and yelping when the ear is touched are common signs that your dog has an ear infection. Smelly and dirty ears are also tell tale signs. You can treat your dog's ear infection by filling the ear canal opening with a mild cleaning solution. Following that, place a cotton ball in the ear canal opening and gently massage the base of the ear.  Chronic ear infections or lasting ear infections will require extra care.


Mange is a common dog illness caused my mites living in its hair follicles. Symptoms of mange include hair loss, redness of the skin, lesions on face and legs. Mange can be treated by applying lime sulfur dips to the affected areas. Long term medication is required to treat severe symptoms.
Any time your dog is showing signs of these common dog illnesses or just isn't acting himself will require your attention and extra care.  Advanced Animal Care Richmond is here to help with all your dogs needs.  Should you need advice or dianosis for these and any ailments, please call for an exam today.