Choosing the Best Veterinarian for Your Cat

 During the course of your cat's life, a cat veterinarian will likely be needed. As much as we don't want our pets to be sick or in need of medical treatment, sometimes it's inevitable. So, when this situation occurs, you're going to want to have a veterinarian in mind who is the best for you and your cat. Choosing the best veterinarian for your cat, you'll need to consider a few things we'll discuss here.

The Veterinarian and Staff

Does the doctor seem knowledgable about cat medicine and genuinely concerned about you and your cat?  Make sure that the Techs and staff are friendly and competent.  Do you and your cat feel cared for and as much as possible, comfortable.


   Going to a cat veterinarian can be expensive, so this is one factor you need to look at. Yet, choosing the lowest cost care doesn't mean the best care, so choosing the lowest cost with the best quality of care is key. Usually, this means choosing a veterinarian which loves animals and isn't in it only for the money.

Cat Veterinarian Facility and Equipment

   Other factors to consider include the facility itself.  Many cat diseases are contagious to other cats.  Cats should be kept seperate if they are sick.  Will your cat be protected from other cats and their diseases?  Make sure that the facility is clean and sanitary.  Doing some research into the veterinarian clinics you think are the best fit with the internet and phone calls, will narrow down your choices to a select few. Investigate these select few by going there personally for a preliminary visit without your cat, to see how the place looks and feels.  
Also, do they have state of the art equippment so that your cat will be put through the least invasive tests and procedures?  Cats are typically not fond of examinations.  Older x-ray and lab techniques usually involve more handling and time, both of which your cat will not enjoy!
   The questions you can answer while there on a visit is: whether the facilities are clean, is the staff professional and friendly, do they have emergency care services, and do they offer boarding and/or grooming services. 
   When it comes down to it, you want to choose the veterinarian which you and your cat are most comfortable with. Considering the services and costs are important as well, depending on your specific needs with your cat. Ensuring you are getting the best veterinarian for your cat is vital, as you are entrusting your cat's life in their hands. Hopefully these insights will help you to find the best veterinarian for your cat.  At Advanced Animal Care Richmond, we love cats!