24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospital

For those of us who have had pets for some reason or other, it seems they always need emergency care after hours.  Luckily for those near Richmond Kentucky, there is a 24 hour emergency animal hospital close by.  Advanced Animal Care is a full service animal hospital and someone is always there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is nice to know when your pet is in an accident or needs emergency veterinary services.

Your Richmond Animal Hospital

Advanced Animal Care offers you the best in state of the art equipment, qualified friendly staff and well experienced and educated doctors who can provide you and your pet with the best of care.  It’s never easy to trust your pet to a new doctor but sometimes that's what you have to do when your pet is in an accident or needs care.  It’s nice to know you have a animal hospital like AAC that you can turn to.

Services They Offer

They can offer you emergency veterinary care, surgery and provide you with everything you need for follow up treatment.  If you are a part of the Advanced Animal Care team and take your animals to one of their other facilities, your pet’s records are already available.  They also offer pet laser therapy as needed after minor surgeries or for arthritis. 

Boarding Your Pet

When it comes to leaving your pet at the animal hospital over night or for a few days, you know that at Advanced Animal Care they are getting personalized attention.  Pets are often aloud up front to keep the girls in the office company.  They get specialized attention and care, which helps them heal and feel more at home even when they are away.  Because it is a 24-hour emergency animal hospital, there is always someone in the building and available to watch over your pet and take care of any situations that might arise.

Your 24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital

We hope you will never need emergency services for your pet.  If you do, you can rest assured knowing you have a veterinary clinic in the area that is always open and ready to help you in an emergency.  Feel free to arrange a time to tour the facility if you can and see what Advanced Animal Care is all about.  They are a full service veterinary clinic that will be happy to help you take good care of your pet.